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Many travellers dreams about, becoming a classic safari explorer.

Safari expeditions started with Cornwallis Harries in 1836. He was a British Officer that had served in India, where he was used to the comfortable elements of a romantic English living style. “Early morning tea” before breakfast, "the four o’clock afternoon tea", the formal dinner using fine porcelain and silverware set on a folded table covered with white linen. Cornwallis led a five moth sporting safari expedition into untouched interior of Southern Africa. This trip was undertaken for the sheer enjoyment of observing the wildlife and the landscape. During his expedition he also set a daily routine in place that still endures; starting a new day at dawn, continued with a vigorous day out in the African scenery, away from the tented campsite. Rounding up the day with a lavish evening meal at the camp site, followed by a cigar, brandy and tales of safari exploits, contemplated around the camp fire.
Other explorer were Lord Randolph Churchill ( 1892 ), father of late Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He set out on a horseback safari across Zimbabwe, with extra travel requirements. His entourage included four cooks, a surgeon, and a train of wagons loaded with "essentials" such as cases of gin and crates of vintages wine and champagne. He also carried a piano out in the bush for the entertainment.
Theodore Roosevelt former President of US, embarked on a safari across Kenya in 1909. He was passionate about the wildlife and the big game hunting. Besides the big game hunting Roosevelt did also collect specimens for the Smithsonian Institute.

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